Economic, social, intellectual and political development of multicultural California. Survey of Indian, Spanish and Mexican periods. Analysis of role and issues of ethnic/racial minorities during six major historical periods: Gold Rush, Railroad era, Great Depression, World War II, Turbulent '60s and Present era. Includes field trips, cultural events, film and book reviews.

HIST-010: This course meets University of California, Berkeley's American Cultures and Foothill College's Multicultural requirement.


The format for this class was designed with the specific purpose of providing students with a wide variety of learning opportunities and, exposing them to various teaching methods. There are at least three student outcomes linked to this overall goal. First, this will help them acquire the intellectual tools necessary to understand the complex issues surrounding ethnic and racial conflicts in California history. Second, help them understand and described the sources of prejudice and discrimination and its impact not only on minority groups but the society as a whole. Third, provide students with an array of out of class activities that will broaden the student's awareness, appreciation, and understanding of the rich cultural background of the various ethnic and racial groups of California.



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